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About Good Spirit

The Story

About us

We at Good Spirit distillery are producing award winning brandies, liqueurs and gins since 2016. And not any kind of brandies, liqueurs or gins. Everything we produce, we try to make it special in its way, something you won’t be able to find in your local liqueur store.
Several prestigious IWSC awards (International Wine and Spirit Competition, London) are a testament to our vision, but also thousands of satisfied customers.

You can browse all of our products on our official website, but here we are presenting something very special and still quite rare in the NFT world, something known as a PHYGITAL NFT, an NFT that allows the ownership and trade of a unique physical item.

How did we come across this idea?

Well, it started with a great product of course. We produced a very special gin where we used flowers in the production process. Then we said, let’s try something and make it even more special. So we put this gin in an cherry wood barrel for several weeks, and it turned out to be even more special than we expected. This is how our HORTUS BARRIQUE GIN limited edition came to life. Only 200 bottles, each one numbered from 1 to 200.

You can be the owner of one of these very special and unique bottles! But wait, there’s more, continue reading.

Hortus Barrique Gin

How does it work?

Since you are here, we assume you probably know what NFTs are so we will not go in depth about it. But what is so special about our phygital NFT?

Each of our 200 NFTs will be a special art item for itself, a unique photograph of a bottle with a certain motive. There are several different motives, but each photo is unique.

Hortus Barrique art motives

When you buy our NFT, you will become an owner of this 1/1 photo, but what is most important, you will become an owner of one bottle of our Hortus Barrique Gin limited edition.

Not only that, we did one more thing to fully connect the digital any physical experience. The photograph representing your NFT will be printed on the label of the bottle you now own.

Bottle with NFT label

What you can do with your NFT?

  • 1. You can keep it in your portfolio.

    Your bottle is stored safely at our warehouse, and you own it. As an owner, you get some benefits as well, more bellow.
  • 2. You can request your bottle to be shipped.

    In this case your NFT is burned, you get your bottle and enjoy in a great gin. Shipping is included in the price of the NFT, and we ship worldwide.
  • 3. You can place your NFT on the secondary market and make some money.

    As people start burning their NFTs, the rarity will increase, which will increase the value.
  • 4. You can transfer it to someone and give them a really cool and special gift

Benefits for our holders

  • Physical ownership of one limited edition bottle
  • Free airdrops and allow-list spots in our future NFT projects
  • 20% discount for all our products
  • Free visit and tasting in our distillery

How to Mint

Minting will take place on April 15. 2023 at 16:00 UTC (18:00 CET) on this website . You need an ETH wallet (Metamask, Coinbase…) with sufficient funds to purchase the NFT and cover the GAS cost.

Minting will be based on first come, first served basis.

You will be able to trade with our NFT collection on leading NFT marketplaces (OpenSea, Blur...), giving you the best chance of making profit on this NFT if you choose to put it on sale.

Team Members

Meet the Crew

Davor Balaško

Davor Balaško

CEO and co-founder

More than 20 years of experince in various web, marketing and generally entrepreneurial projects.

Simona Perčić

Simona Perčić

Co Founder

Creative mastermind of the project, bringing the vision to life with her innovative ideas and exceptional talent.

Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions

A collection enabling you to own a very special limited edition bottle, together with a 1/1 unique art in form of an NFT, but also printed as a label on your bottle. Truly a #phygital experience.
There are multiple benefits from owning this NFT, like physical ownership of one limited edition bottle, free airdrops and allow-list spots in our future NFT projects, 20% discount for all our products and free visit and tasting in our distillery.
April 15. 2023 at 16:00 UTC (18:00 CET).
0.1 ETH
Send us a DM on Twitter and we will give you detailed instructions on how to burn your NFT and claim your bottle.
Yes, we ship worldwide using DHL, UPS... and other couriers depending on your country of residence.