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Company profile

Good Spirit products are produced in the hilly part of Medjimurje region, in a small manufactory, with the use of only natural ingredients and no additives, dyes or chemical substances.

Good Spirit story is based on a long-standing tradition of brandy and liqueur production in the upper Medjimurje region.

Although the company was founded in 2016., its owners have almost 20 years of experience in the production of liqueurs.

The company uses the highest quality distillery equipment made in Germany (Müller Brennereianlagen GmbH). This equipment uses quadruple distillation to produce a top quality alcohol.



The base for all the liqueurs and gin is obtained from wine which gives a superior quality distillate compared to alcohol from grapes and pomace.
Wine distillate is then macerated and enriched with various natural ingredients. The end products are characterized by atypical flavours, nice fragrance, beautiful colours and clarity.



Our products have won numerous awards at prestigious international and domestic competitions:

Golfer Pro: IWSC London 2020. gold
Spirit of Gin: IWSC London 2020. gold
Golfer: IWSC London 2018. silver
Višja: IWSC London 2022. silver
Trova: IWSC London 2018. bronze
Božićni: IWSC London 2022. bronze
Kova: HGK quality champion (100/100 points)
Von den Nuts: HGK quality champion (100/100 points)
Kmet: HGK gold
De Strigo viljamovka: ISCRO 2018. silver